90 Minute Memoirs

Dear Story Teller,

My grandfather passed away when I was 2 years old. I wish I knew the story of how he hid his brother-in-law in a cupboard during WWII, or how he built a business with his own bare hands.

Don’t make the same mistake my grandfather made. Don’t deny your family their history. Instead, create a small softcover book of your memoirs, and give your heirs The Gift of a Lifetime.

Yes, it’s frustrating to get your grandkids to sit still and listen to your tall tales, but they are interested in you and your stories (they just have to grow up a bit). When the time comes, they will yearn to know you… so why not scratch their inevitable itch and leave them a legacy unlike any other?

What is real estate, a piece of jewelry (or any worldly inheritance) REALLY worth?

Let future generations climb the branches of their family tree and remember you (or get to know you) in a unique way, with a special gift they will cherish for years to come. Your life’s work is incomplete until you tell your story, yet no one knows it like you do, nor can they tell it as you can.

My clients say things like: “You are such a good listener” and (my favorite): “You brought my past to life.” Having happily brought more than 10 stories to life since 2005 has taught me a valuable lesson: Memories pile up like boxes of unsorted photos… time to untie any knots of guilt, regret or loss.

Choose the package that suits you and/or your audience the best (each boasts an infinite shelf life). You will receive five (5) library-quality softcover books, timeless treasures more precious than gold.

GOLD3 x 90 Minutes7590 Days£1497
SILVER2 x 90 Minutes5060 Days£997
BRONZE1 x 90 Minutes2530 Days£497

Even after you have given them everything, there is one thing they will value more than anything: Your side of the story, in your own words. I guarantee they will love it, or your books are free.

Of course, if you believe you have nothing to contribute – or worse – believe your life has been meaningless, surely someone close to you is worth remembering.

Ask me to contact them… before it’s too late.

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