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Eat Like a Local in Seattle & The Puget Sound is a crowd-sourced, crowd-funded cookbook celebrating the best in the city, and we invite you to send us a recipe and photo of your favorite – or most (in)famous – dish.

Our tablet-sized e-cookbooks are creative digital marketing initiatives designed to introduce you to (literally) thousands of famished foodies hungry to support independent, local businesses.

How it works

1.  Send me a recipe and hi-resolution photos of your favorite – or most (in)famous dish – along with your social media links and business contact information.

2.  I will arrange to interview your chef, feature a special ingredient, showcase a unique method, or highlight the history of your building or location. Think of something you are proud of and would like readers to know!

3.  As you will see, your pages include interactive links to your Facebook page, Instagram page and your Website (allowing readers to instantly engage with you and your establishment).

4.  I will design and send you a proof, and following your approval, I will send you a PayPal invoice.

5. Eat Like a Local in Seattle & The Puget Sound will go live on February 1st, kicking our promotion strategy into high gear.

promotion strategy

1.  Eat Like a Local in Seattle & The Puget Sound will be available at for anyone to flip through, click through, download and savor (no email opt-in required).

2.  Every participating ‘partner’ is encouraged to share the link to the free e-cookbook with their flock of friends, fans and foodie followers on social media.

3.  I will also announce a Photo Contest in the introduction to the book, encouraging readers to whip up their favorite(s), take a photo, and post it on the related Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

4.  If you choose to participate in the Photo Contest, you get to pick a winner (and tell the whole wide world about it) before rewarding them with a gift certificate, 2-for-1 coupon, or a free coffee and dessert – whatever you like!

5.  Finally, I launch and manage a 30-day targeted Facebook ad campaign promoting the Cookbook and Photo Contest.

past performance

With only 25 active partners (and corresponding advertising budget) Google Analytics showed that our most recent cookbook was read 10,144 times by 3,677 people.

Our Facebook Ad Campaigns:

  • Reached 37,494 people
  • Generated 5,550 likes, shares and/or comments
  • Resulted in 1,780 clicks

The difference between ad clicks and total readers shows that 51% of readers were driven to the cookbook by the organic promotional efforts of our 25 active partners.

Everyone gets more traffic, likes, shares, comments, friends, fans, followers… and new customers who are eager to engage with businesses like yours in a unique way.

This is the power of partnership.

performance reports

In addition to the interaction and engagement you will see on your social media pages, you will also receive three (3) detailed monthly reports following the date of publication.

These reports include demographic data from our digital publishing platform indicating how readers are interacting and engaging with the cookbook and your content.

proof of concept

Upon completion of our last cookbook and digital marketing campaign, we surveyed our partners.

Here is a snapshot of the responses we received:

1.  When asked “why did you choose to participate?” our partners said:

  • “It’s a new fun way to advertise. I see value in it.”
  • “Interesting concept, support local business and entrepreneurial endeavors.”
  • “Community involvement.”
  • “Something fresh and different – perceived value.
  • “The content was solid, good recipes and with great photos, appealing.”
  • “Quality of the book.”

2.  “How would you rate the marketing value you received?”

  • 33.3% said better than expected.
  • 50% said as expected.
  • 16.7% said less than expected.

3.  When asked “would you do it again?” 

  • 100% of respondents said YES.

content deadline

If you like our collaborative concept and would like to steak 🙂 your claim in this prime piece of gourmet real estate, please RSVP and send us the following ‘ingredients’ before our submission deadline – December 1st, 2021:

  • Your recipe (one page max and preferably typed)
  • Hi-resolution photo(s) in landscape orientation
  • Your chosen subject for your feature article interview
  • Your website, Facebook and Instagram page links
  • Your business name, address and phone number

the cost to participate

You can leverage our proven partnership strategy for just $195 (due upon approval of your proof and payable via credit card prior to publishing and distribution on February 1st, 2022).

cookbook preview

Flip and click your way through this previous edition to get an idea of how Eat Like a Local in Seattle & The Puget Sound will function.

The new format will be a different size and shape to accommodate the short article on each partner’s page.

your publisher

As part of my vocational high school chef’s training  program, I used to wake up at 3am and play with dough for 4 hours at our local bakery before walking to school.

I have since cooked, baked, scrubbed and scraped my way from countless restaurants and retreat centers to food trucks and farmer’s markets on my quest to share my love of food with as many people as possible.

Back in 2004, I began desktop publishing and promoting food security for international non-profit organizations while picking and distributing fruit to homeless shelters.

Today, I look forward to partnering with you and wishing our readers my favorite cookbook sentiment: Enjoy!